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About Glass Jaw

The name Glass Jaw comes from the boxing term, a tough-looking fighter who can't take a punch is said to have a "glass jaw," and so it is these days with targets of controversy and crisis. It is also the title of Eric Dezenhall’s aptly named book, Glass Jaw: A Manifesto for Defending Fragile Reputations in an Age of Instant Scandal.

As a subscriber to Glass Jaw, you will be the first to read the latest insights and commentary from the team at Dezenhall Resources, Ltd., a full-service crisis communications and public affairs firm based in Washington, DC. We aim to deliver a unique and often contrarian perspective on the news of the day, discussing complex issues in the communications industry, providing practical and actionable advice and insights that are directly applicable to our readers and their organizations, and more.

About Dezenhall Resources

Dezenhall Resources, Ltd. is one of the most trusted public affairs and crisis management firms and first practitioners of the crisis management discipline. Over the past 35 years, Dezenhall has guided countless businesses, trade groups, law firms, and nonprofits through issues big and small, all of which threatened to damage the organization’s reputation and ability to do business. And in doing so, the firm has earned a reputation for meeting marketplace.

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Co-founder and Chairman at Dezenhall. Eric is an author, speaker and damage control expert. A pioneer in the field of crisis management, he helped define the crisis discipline and serves as a trusted advisor to business leaders and clients.
Chief Executive Officer and Partner at Dezenhall. An alum of Capitol Hill, serving in the AL, MN and TX delegations. Today she leads the firm's client services, specializing in litigation communication, crisis and reputation management.
Partner at Dezenhall. Having spent more than two decades at Dezenhall and nearly two decades on Capitol Hill. He specializes in crisis management, and campaign strategy development for clients across a wide spectrum of industries and issues.
Mark Emerson is a Senior Director at Dezenhall Resources with an expansive background in strategic solutions and digital insights. His experience spans over a decade in customer satisfaction and client relationship management.
William Kim is a Counselor at Dezenhall Resources, specializing in public affairs and policy issues for a diverse range of clients and subject matters, including national security, critical infrastructure, energy, emerging technologies, and more.
President and Partner at Dezenhall. Josh oversees Dezenhall’s state government and regulatory advocacy strategy and specializes in strategic communications, public affairs, reputation management and crisis communications.
Senior Vice President at Dezenhall. Mike is a former cable TV news producer that now serves as a strategic advisor and crisis manager for clients with a specific focus on media relations and communications campaign management
Annie Moore is the Senior Director of Digital at Dezenhall Resources, where she specializes in finding modern-day solutions to complex problems for a wide range of clients.
Vice President at Dezenhall Resources, Ltd.
Fred Brown is a Senior VP at Dezenhall. Fred uses his experience in politics, media relations and combative public affairs campaigns to advise clients on crisis comms, media outreach and rapid response techniques.