Wiser words were never written...

>>"You cannot debate them because they cannot educate or be educated. They are all about indoctrination, which is about emotion, not data. Emotion will whip data every time. >>

I love pieces that so accurately summarize the chaos around us.

This is one.

Thanks Eric!

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Thank you for the enlightenment on one of the real issues in human relations.

How (the means by which) do we convey messages to one another for any purpose, are the things that media and people should mainly be focusing on in considering any conflict between people.

When media don't illuminate the people about propaganda as acts of trickery to circumvent human will, ethics, morality, and rule of law, then, we all fall into the trickery of the propagandist.

The substance of the propagandist's message or act should be second to the means (trickeries or not) employed to convey the message.

If we were to always examine (as priority) the means by which messages are conveyed to the people, society would be more critical in its choices and decisions.

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Excellent analysis and critical thought as usual. The villain, victim, vindicator model is brilliant. Not perfect, but the best template for the modern infosphere I have seen.

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We are awash in the many biases we can't, or don't want to, see. And it now seems fashionable to not even try.

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